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Resin Restaurant Chairs

RestaurantFurniture.com Helps No Va Kitchen & Bar Update Their Patio Dining Area Chairs

Prominent commercial furniture supplier RestaurantFurniture.com recently worked closely with restaurateur Michelle Raymond to update the chairs in her restaurant’s outdoor dining area.

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industrial chic table tops made in America

Industrial Chic and Upcycled Restaurant Tables – 4 Styles to Up Your Restaurant Game


There’s something very appealing about the rustic beauty of a wood table top. When paired with a metal table base, that rustic beauty becomes a hip Industrial Chic table.

The Industrial look is so alluring because it hearkens back to a time when life was simpler, and people more genuine.

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Dutch design studio MVRDV has transformed a neoclassical chapel into the main entrance for a MoMA in Schiedam, the Netherlands, adding bright red shelves between the listed building’s existing features. #designinspiration #architecture #checkoutthosechairs

Commercial Furniture Design Inspiration via @RestFurn Instagram http://ift.tt/1dBjBRS

Gluten-Free Claims by Suppliers of Food Ingredients

Glenn Oster, of Glenn Oster Consulting, LLC, recently shared this insight into the murky world of gluten-free certification:

“Recently while assisting a new baking facility that will be Gluten-Free Dedicated our team was assisting on vetting new suppliers.

One of the key requirements (obviously) was that Gluten-Controls must be fully documented and implemented in the supplier facility.

Now, we contacted about 150 suppliers of which 100 said their ingredients were Gluten-Free [and] after asking about gluten-controls we found that of the 100 only 5 could actually back-up what they said and only 2 were willing to show us their documented systems and testing results.

150 called, 100 advertise they are gluten-free, only 5 could back-up the statement and only 2 were put onto the bakery vetted list subject to sample testing.”

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