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Commercial Umbrellas – We’ve Got You Covered

Umbrellas are everywhere. Originating from Chinese culture, oil paper and bamboo umbrellas were conceived of in the 7th century. From there they spread, through trade and cultural exchanges, into Europe where the Parisian parasol was all the rage in the 18th century.

Umbrellas have been an embraced technology and comfort for over a thousand years. Travel the world and witness cultures use umbrellas as adornment, ritual, and architectural elements. The Catholic church uses umbrellas in each of the Basilicas of Rome to be used in solemn processions as a mark of honor. In remarkable contrast, they are a cherished whimsical adornment to tropical drinks, as seen in tiki bars.

Yes, we sell umbrellas for restaurants and resorts, but we also love umbrellas in their own right. In the warm climate where we live, they are ubiquitous, and we love the fanciful style element that they impart when dining out. What a great way to add a pop of color and draw customers’ eyes from the street to your patio area. They’re also cozy – by enclosing space above intimacy is achieved below, where umbrella canopies convey soft colored light onto the dining area underneath. Customers enjoy the romance and vibrance that patio umbrellas add to outdoor dining areas.

13 ft Market Umbrella


    ALTO758 UmbrellaWOFA908 Umbrella





Above are three examples of the industry standard for outdoor and patio dining: the Market umbrella. Market umbrellas are characterized by their clean look and focus on day-to-day functional durability. The umbrella on the left is a traditional wood frame market umbrella, which uses a pulley system and cord to assist with opening. Pull the two cords and the umbrella smoothly opens into position with a stainless pin to hold it in place. For extreme durability the market umbrella on the right utilizes an all-fiberglass construction, securing it from elemental damage, and forgoes a pulley system for a reliable push up opening.

Regardless of the umbrella you choose, know that your customers will appreciate the sun protection and seclusion that a shade structure provides. Still unsure what commercial umbrella is right for your patio dining area? Call us today 844.771.1955 or chat live on our site ( and a Project Manager will walk you through your options.

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